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Our end-to-end property management services make owning and renting your property a seamless experience. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your investments are in capable hands.
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From tenant screening, to property maintenance, rent collection and financial reporting, our team handles every detail with expertise and care. Take the stress out of the day-to-day management of your rental property with a partner you can trust!
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24/7 emergency maintenance support

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Your tenants will appreciate having someone they can rely on with our prompt and reliable communication. You can rest easy knowing your tenants are well-cared for with 24/7 emergency support.
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Property Management FAQs

  • What areas do you service?

    We currently service properties in the Niagara region including Welland, St Catharines, Niagara Falls, Fort Erie, and Port Colborne, as well as properties in the Hamilton and surrounding region including Hamilton, Caledonia, Burlington, Brampton and Brantford

  • What kind of properties do you manage?

    We offer property management services for several types of rental properties including large multi-family properties, single family properties, duplexes and triplexes. 

  • How do you select tenants?

    Our comprehensive tenant screening process is founded on a commitment to due diligence. Our team of professionals meticulously reviews all relevant documentation and applications in accordance with the regulations outlined in the RTA to screen prospective tenants. Entrusting a property manager to oversee the process ensures strict adherence to legal requirements and fosters a fair and equitable tenant selection procedure, while mitigating risks for property owners.

  • Do you offer emergency maintenance services?

    We offer 24/7 emergency maintenance support for your tenants. Things happen, and when they do, having someone who can quickly and efficiently resolve the problem is important. Our 24/7 emergency response hotline helps safeguard your property and protect your tenants. 

  • Why do I need a property manager?

    As a busy property owner, it can be difficult to juggle all the day-to-day tasks associated with the operation of your rental property. Having a dedicated property manager that you can trust can save you both time and money by taking over these tasks. Having someone available when issues arise or your tenants need something is invaluable!

    Our services provide you with freedom, convenience and reliability so you can focus on other goals knowing your investment is in good hands.

  • How can a property manager help maximize my ROI?

    An experienced property manager can help you maximize your ROI in many ways such as by helping you price your rental at the best price, ensuring quality tenant selection, and maintaining the value of your property with proactive maintenance. Our expertise helps you minimize expenses and vacancies, which over time contribute to a higher return on your investment.

“This organization removes the onus on owners to follow-up on a myriad of things. They have simplified things for me by taking over the management aspects”
- Salima H.
“I suffered the burden of managing my own properties for a long time, having had poor experiences with PM companies and seeing a generally poor quality of service from the different people and companies. However, since meeting Athena and bringing them onto my portfolio management, the level of relief and freedom has 1) proven that I made the right choice in doing it myself until the right company was found, and 2) made it clear that this is the company I want to work with. ”
– Stephen K.
“The owner is an experienced landlord herself and it shows in the way she hires and supports the team, and how maintenance issues are handled.
I've had significantly better luck with tenants placed by Athena than my more recent attempts, so I'm glad it's no longer my job to babysit my properties or tenant placement.
They also have the (very rare!) right balance of firm, fair, and reasonable when dealing with tenants, often bringing a resolution that others couldn't.
It's a load off my mind since they took over my rental portfolio.”
– Schilight Holdings 
“Love Athena property management. They do the heavy lifting while I relax and enjoy my investment.”
– Eniola A.
“If you are looking for an "auto pilot" solution, this is the place. If needed, I asked if a project is approved, and they let me know if repairs needs to be done. As for everything else, not much is needed from me. Again, auto-pilot. I like this.”
– Jeremy B.
“Melissa and the team have made my job much easier and less stressful. They are a fantastic team to work with.”
– Nazeela H.
“Okay so as a landlord, my experience with the team here has been incredible. I've been contracting their services on several units and they always offer the best advice, they are on top of things, and they handle things very professionally for you and your tenants. My tenants all had great experiences with them too. Don't take the reviews seriously by all the tenant applicants. As a landlord I highly recommend them.”
– Zaid A.
“Thank god I found Melissa for my property. She is one of the best property manager you could find in the area. I have had so many issues with my property since I acquired it. But Melissa helped me through out all the ups and downs until it was all sorted out and a smooth ride again. Now I can't even imagine owning a property without her. I have heard so many horror stories from friends and other investors about their property managers, but I am glad that I found diamond among rocks. I am writing this review after 6 months of her services. Thank you Melissa for all the work you have done so far. I really appreciate it.”
– Vishal N.

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